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Golf Trips

Golf Trips, Buddy Trips, or whatever you call them, have a special place in a golfer’s heart.  For the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of bringing my Magnolia Green Golf Club Members to the Outer Banks.  We’ve played nearly every course down there and I have to say our favorite is Kilmarlic Golf Club.  From the Bloody Mary cocktails at the bar to the exceptional service, KGC treats us like gold!  This year’s trip started off with a bang.  Roland Jordan, who was playing with myself, Al Thomas, and Brian “Luther Lunchbucket” Magee, aced the second hole.  What a way to start off the trip!  You would think it would only go downhill from there.  The highlight of the trip happened in 2 holes.  Well you would be wrong!  Over the four days, golf was played, food was eaten, and libations were consumed.  The 23 of us who partook in the trip and its extracurricular activities took home mountains of memories.  It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we returned.  I find myself longing for the OBX and counting down the months to our next adventure.  Please share on our Facebook page memories of your golf trips!