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Tiger Out of the Masters 4/1

Well it’s official.  Tiger has dropped out of the Masters.  Will he ever catch Jack Nicklaus?  Will he ever win or even play again?  One has to wonder.  For me, I hope Tiger somehow makes it back.  Tiger’s influence on the game rivals that of Arnold Palmer.  Actually, in my opinion, his impact was greater than the Kings.  Tiger and I are both the same age (he’s aged a lot better than I have).  While he was in his prime, I’m not afraid to admit that I rooted against him.  He was too good!  His winning percentage was crazy.  I was tired of seeing him hoist every trophy imaginable.  Tiger and I are both starting the back nine of our lives.  With that being said, I hope Mr. Woods has some more magic left in his bag.  I think it would make a great story.  Tiger is great for the game and the business.  Without his influence on the sport and economics, Magnolia Green Golf Club may not exist today.  Tiger made it cool to play golf.  Today’s superstars don’t seem to have the panache that Mr. Woods had.  His flair for the dramatic made you love him or hate him.  Get well soon Tiger.  The game and your fans miss you!